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LJ Users that suck's Journal
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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in LJ Users that suck's LiveJournal:

Monday, September 17th, 2007
4:47 am
dog0fwar: This pothead wandered into an LJ group I frequent and started badmouthing several of the people there, including the moderator. Hopefully all the pot in his system will make him forget what group he was in so he won't come back.

Current Mood: geeky
Sunday, August 26th, 2007
9:11 pm
chapterofmylife sucks.  This person moderates the ovr21depression newsgroup.  According to another journal, this person denied a user's request to join, then told her to   This is horrid behavior for any moderator, let alone one operating a group on depression.

On top of this, the LiveJournal staff sucks because they didn't take any action against chapterofmylife.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, June 7th, 2007
1:47 pm
This user sucks
This community hasn't been active in a very long time. It would be cool to see it active again-especially since our resources of dumb people are unlimited!

hotchick101 is dumb. She doesn't know how to spell, and she talks incessantly about ICP and other things that really don't matter.

I like ICP, but you don't see me making multiple references to them.

Current Mood: amused
Monday, August 8th, 2005
2:55 pm
I'm a crappy livejournal user. I donno if you guys have rules about posting my own journal, meh oh well.

Current Mood: high
Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
9:17 am
theweasleytwins Nooffense to anyone..

Rude, pisstant, arrogant. Left a rude comment on my LJ that I removed.

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
11:15 am

I don't get it.. She added me to my friend's list eons ago and her journal is pretty much abonded.

But her entries are mostly pointless bitches about FFX2 and bad fanfics.

Not too mention.. an intresting ramble aginst a racist person.

I like her keyboard rape..

Current Mood: aggravated
Sunday, June 29th, 2003
8:18 pm
What the...

Yes.. hard to understand.. Memorzing layout..

I hope she is joking.

I am sorry if I offend anyone.

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, June 23rd, 2003
5:47 pm
First time..
First time here.. ANyone.. do not take offense..

This person pisses me off..


Character worship.. *shudders* Not too mention.. It's redant how they act. Aside form that.. He/she pissesme off on AIM and says i should Worship that character.

Current Mood: cold
Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
4:01 pm
Friday, May 9th, 2003
12:11 pm
xriotx: Trailer trash 18-year old who supports communism. Jumped all over by [Unknown LJ tag]
12:02 pm
I started really being amazed at some wacked-out shit out there. Decided to make an LJ mockery group, but searched to see if someone already hadn't made one yet. Welp, here you are. I'm joining and happy to be here.

pottersginny is racist, blindly a religious fundie, and quite unintelligent. Please take about 10 minutes to read her journal and responses. The "Rabbit" entry comments is the money shot.
Thursday, March 27th, 2003
3:04 pm
OMG! like, ROTFL!
excessive use of teeny bopper net slang really irks me. not to mention the fact that most of her entries center around the different 'hot guys' she has a crush on. why do idiots populate my city?

"Me and Jude went downtown. We went to The Bay and we got the Makeup lady to make us pretty. Then we smoked. Then terrance asked me for sex over and over but i kept saying no. Then we met this weirdo gothic guy that jude loves because he likes bondage. Then i asked him if he liked to smoke cloves and he said yes...HAHAHAHAHAHHA."
Tuesday, January 14th, 2003
10:10 pm
Been a whirlwind kind of day. Mom and I had a nice lunch, got our trucks washed and cleaned, bathed the horses, and then I went shopping.

So things are getting better, but chicks still dont dig me. But if u happen to be a chick, and dig me, drop me a line, cause im cool like a cucumber, like the other side of the pillow cool.
So me and Vinh are bitter lonely kids who cant get girls. It sucks, like alot of other things. But on the good side of things, i work at a place where all i do is look at hot girls.....hot gothic girls......and super sexy ones. My job rocks my fucking jocks. I still have no car, but i do have friends.
My computer sucks hard, and i need dsl casue i get kicked off every 2 min. I want to make out with someone.....someone female. If interested please leave name and # and how much it will cost.

Justin and Christina on the same bill? Someone up there obviously adores the fuck out of me. Wheee!

Whee! Hi! I'm finally fucking connected to the internet, as off half an hour ago. I miss you guys! Like, alot. ::hugs Friends List::

I am so. fucking. giddy right now. Just, I'm in the craziest mood. Hold on.
::runs around the house, jumps up and down, drinks warm milk::

oh my freakin gosh.....

*grr* my mom just made me so mad...i was talking about joey and his "bald" head and eyebrow piercing and shes like thats why htey are splitting up...i look at her like shes from planet stupid...

Just thought i'd let you all know that i am leaving this community. I came into it seeking fellow christians. I found rude, lieing, judging people. If i wanted that i could have gone into a different community. For those of you here who do now fall under that above description...i'm sorry that we couldn't all be like that. Many of you are in my other Christian communities so i'll see you all there! Best of luck, Jeni

Well with my teeth gone I guess I'll loose some weight hahahaha Me. I can stand to loose 50 or 60 Lbs would be nice to fit back in to 30 to 23 pants size for waist.

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, September 24th, 2002
3:43 pm
I'm going to love this community. I was a member of yourljsucks before it got suspended, and I was sad when it was gone.

darkcutter666 This journal seems like it's a fake, but it's sucky regardless.

black_skittles "OMG Avril laveen is the kewlest!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
12:31 pm
Thursday, August 1st, 2002
2:11 pm
hrm. i could do a "general" stupid lj-users post, or i could use specifics. which to choose, which to choose.

there are people who find me - somehow - and bring their stupidity to MY journal and it MAKES ME INSANE!!! i never reply to them. they make stupid remarks in my journal and other people tell 'em they're stupid. and yet, they keep me on their friends list. why? WHY?! and why can't i click a button to make them NOT have me on their friends list anymore. i don't mean the "prevent this person from commenting anymore" option ... i mean I DON'T WANT THEM TO READ MY JOURNAL.

here's a list of some of the people who drive me insane and why they do so..
mimimarquez05 - this chick is a freaking dumbass. she added a faux journal to her friends list... a character from the hit broadway musical RENT. then she proceeds to talk about being friends with him in her regular journal. THEN she comments to his journal and say "so by the way - i took an online quiz and i got you". imagine the character... roger is just sitting there dumbfounded saying "what?!" and then she goes on to cite parts of the play in his journal. common sense should tell you that roger doesn't know what she's talking about. and she goes on and on and whines when she gets blocked. she's 15, so that explains some, but gawd! and she can't spell for shit!!
aidentheoz - this chick found me through my webpage (don't ask me how) and is gay and decided she likes me. which is fine, but i told her i'm hetero. so, she proceeds to add my roommate to her friends list instead. and she constantly replies to my journal leaving stupid comments which don't make sense. and i never reply to her. EVER. and she just doesn't get it. she replies again saying "why don't you respond to me?" and when i ignore her, she keeps replying to her own reply. it bothers the hell out of me. and she's in another freaking country. as if it would happen even IF i did have bisexual tendencies...which i don't.

those are my two main ones for now - but trust me, i'll be bitching about several people ... probably tonight or tomorrow. i think on my list of lj-ers, a whole FIFTEEN of the 110 on my "friends of" list are not complete idiots. and that's very very sad.

Current Mood: aggravated
Thursday, June 20th, 2002
2:25 pm
First post!
So, what's this all about? It's about the worst journals you've read. It's about the worst follow-ups you've received from people in a community. It's for anyone you've found via the random feature that you think others need to be warned away from.

This isn't for anything that would be better addressed in customers_suck, techranting, co_workers_suck or any of those. This is specifically to address idiots among us here at Livejournal.
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